It can happen to all of us after a long time in a partnership, an expanding distance and even complacency can seep in. This isn’t just accurate for marriages it is also true for your deeply personal relationship with the only true and living God. Making a website that makes the bible plain and simple to understand can help us build a stronger relationship with Christ. Plainbible.com is designed just for that purpose. We have too much on our plates today to have a complicated set of text that was written thousands of years ago. We want you to know and understand the exact meaning of God’s words.

The first voice we should hear in the morning should be the voice of God and He speaks to us in our spirits. He does not communicate to us in our minds in such a way that we hear an audible voice. It is more of a feeling that is deep within us.  We want to take reading the bible out of the thought processes of the brain and help you reflect upon the words using the mind of your spirit. Feeling the words can only be done by using a plain bible knowledge after much study of God’s holy words.

You will also find sermons on here that use plain bible words and also words that may just be opinion based off of life experiences, for some pastors cannot use scripture as a firm confirmation of everything they say. It seems that for a Christian to suffer unjustly is anticipated in life. If you do not believe this pause now for a late evening and read the struggles of the early Christians. Here in this forum we do not judge. In this place a man who is innocent by a measure that can’t be totally comprehended by the simple mind of a single individual.

Start right here by reading a few sermons. We hope they inspire you to dig deeper into God’s word. Usually with a couple of friendly comments we can make this site a safe learning environment for all Christians. We encourage participation with the sermons that are posted.

Remember that no matter what, God is always reaching out and providing His acceptance to even the most wicked sinner who is trying to change his life and accept Christ in his heart. We encourage all to come here in the true spirit of Christ and share in what pastors have to offer.

We would like to give special thanks to United Medical Education for making this site possible. Through their contributions they have allowed us to build out our dream in spreading God’s word. United Medical Education has been a pillar within our community, teaching ACLS online, PALS and BLS certification. ACLS online certification is life saving training that is often used by professional medical providers in the event of a heart attack. Now United Medical Education has given us even more than just helping our medical providers learn ACLS online. If you’d like to read more about all the good they are doing you can read these United Medical Education reviews. They have also helped us spread our words of Christ across the globe. We would also like to give a special thanks to Baptist Hospital of Miami.

Charitable Donations

While the love of Christ is enough to bring us salvation, His work here on earth requires funding through charitable donations from patrons such as yourself. Remember to give generously at the offering plate when attending your sermons and to do it with a grateful heart. Not everyone has the means to give, so if we are fortunate to have a little extra to share with others we need to remember it is a true opportunity that we shouldn’t take for granted. Each day is a gift from God, and in his mercies we should show our thanks. Also remember to donate to your local hospitals and to other organizations that are doing good in the world. Your money should not all be going to the church. While we need to support our church staff we also need to remember that there is more to serving others than by sharing the Word of God.