We are a group of believers in Christ that have volunteered out time and effort to make a difference both in our community and abroad. We want to share the plain bible truths that are often missed by many pastors that give complicated sermons. We want to remove confusion to what God wants to communicate to each of our spirits. While we each need to understand simply with our minds our spirits can gain a deeper relationship with our one true Savior. You and your contributions to this site are welcome. This site is a platform for those that have a true faith in Christ to spread what the Holy Ghost has shared to them personally. We only desire that we keep the words on this site pure and true to the doctrine of Christ. this does not mean that there is no room for difference of opinion and healthy discussion. Even with plain bible truths evident and made available we still understand God’s words a little differently. Join us as we each embark on our personal journey to find Jesus.

While our site is dedicated to the teaching of Jesus we need to give special thanks to our sponsors United Medical Education for making this site possible. Through their contributions and efforts we have been able to make these sermons and other materials available. United Medical Education teaches BLS, PALS, and ACLS online certification. ACLS recertification online are teaching materials to save lives if someone is having a stroke or heart attack.

Other sponsors have also been helpful in our creation of this site project. Mostly local business owners that believe in our mission as advocates of the message of Jesus Christ. We hope that we can do them all a great service by continuing to add valuable content that will help them grow closer to their Savior Jesus Christ and improve the spirit and situation of their communities. This site will be used as a vehicle of service to not just spread the gospel of our Savior but to also help others in their mortal efforts. As a church our primary goal is to bring people towards the light of Christ but we are particularly involved in helping expand cheap or free medical services in our community and abroad. United Medical Education has helped us with this by providing free instruction on ACLS online certification, PALS certification, and BLS certification to poor countries across the world. Through our continued joint efforts we hope to educate even places that don’t have Internet access about ACLS training.