The Holy Ghost and His Purpose

I need your pure desire along with your firm belief in Jesus that we could have the particular spirit needed for the Almighty Lord to be with us here today. The rewards that come with believing on the Holy Christ are established in the plain bible and are accurately recorded along with the history of Jesus. By so doing we may better understand the words that will be shared here today.

In our plain bible the text says Jesus used his closing hours lifted up on the cross. Jesus used this time to teach his disciples of the true power of the Holy Ghost. In the last moments he spent on the cross he commanded his spirit into the hands of God. Jesus frequently referred to Father God as the Great Spirit. It is through the power and influence of that spirit that inspires and moves each of us and ultimately allowed the death and resurrection of Jesus which has allowed each of us to be saved.

The bible clearly states the Father being God. We perceive this as Jesus’ reference towards the Father while He was walking about the earth. He always walked in humility; never drawing focus on himself.  The occurrence of untruths, conjectures and fallacies in current spiritual teachings is just not peculiar to the Christian faith. The whole reason I wrote this sermon is to ensure you won’t have to go through what I underwent and be denied the wonderful experience of recognizing the Holy Ghost in the working of Jesus Christ our Savior. The Father is God, Jesus is God along with the Holy Spirit.

I’m going to share with you a thing that I want you to do and I’m expecting you to listen close.  There are numerous different gifts with the Spirit including word of wisdom, word of data, faith, gifts of healing, working of miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, different types of tongues and interpretation of tongues (1 Corinthians 12:8 – 11).  I’ve led many individuals to salvation and to receiving the Baptism within the Holy Spirit and I always let them know it comes down to knowledge and understanding.  You must be employed in faith and a few people operate inside the gifts by faith but certainly not within the love of God. After a person is baptized and confirmed an affiliate of the Church she or he is because of the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost with Jesus

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The Life of Jesus

Many people have read about the life of Jesus Christ but few people truly understand what he was attempting to accomplish while here on this earth. It is remarkable to think that he spend so much time preparing for his mortal ministry and in the process didn’t even take the time to write scripture of his own. While critics may use this to try and disprove the existence of an individual that we recognize and Jesus the Christ we can use this information to analyze what Christ was trying to accomplish while here on the earth. Jesus was born into humble circumstances and spent his time learning a trade that was not related to actual gospel teaching. The life of a carpenter is not one that would initially come to mind when considering a profession that lends to spiritual maturity. This being said, why did Jesus choose to come to a family and be raised as a carpenter’s son?

The answer is truly quite simple. He did this to show that he was on our same level. Christ our God was not looking for fame or fortune. He does not care about the praise of the world. He had one mission in his life and he wanted to make it clear that he was here for nothing else. This mission to be our Savior and Redeemer through his death and resurrection.

Christ’s life became something of a historic tale once it was recorded by his disciples in the New Testament. I find it most interesting that over the course of his life the best records we have are of his last few years or mortal ministry. The mortal ministry of Jesus is something that we can truly wrap our mind around. During the mortal ministry of Jesus the Christ he spends his time teaching a different path than that which was established among the customs of the Jews. He teaches of forgiveness, love, patience, and long suffering. His message is one of peace and finding hope in a world that was often cruel.

These are the exact messages that people need today. People need hope. Hope is what drives us to be better as a species and to overcome adversity. Without hope we will and have failed even as a collective. Also there is the principle of love. We need to first love others before we make judgments and execute decisions. When we can first look within ourselves and view each person with love we can make righteous decisions that will lead to the betterment of all mankind.

Jesus is more than love. Jesus is what moves us all. He is the driving force to our each breath and decision. If we learn to harness what he has created within each of us we can accomplish the greatness that he has outlined within our bible. There is no reason to doubt our purpose or what we can do in the name of Christ our Savior.

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Prophets of the Bible

Many people who are familiar with Christ and his gospel are still not familiar with prophets and their purpose. This is somewhat worrisome because of the important role prophets have played in the gospel of Christ since the beginning of time. Prophets act as special witnesses of Christ. As special witnesses of Jesus they have personally spoken with him and have an individual relationship that allows them to preach and write the words of God himself. Prophets are those who have written the bible. They have led the righteous followers of Jesus over the centuries. They communicate to the people the true will and desires of God and act as his spokesman. Two of the most famous prophets are Noah and Moses, as an example.

Prophet Moses


Prophets are those who have written the records of the gospel and his church since time began. We know these records as scripture. God has commanded his prophets over the course of time to record his words so they can be preserved for generations. Since God’s will doesn’t change the words written by prophets thousands of years ago still apply to us today. It is important for us to study these words even though they may have been written a long time ago just for this reason.

Ten Commandments

Lead God’s Church:

Prophets lead the church of God. As spokesman of God they can let the masses know the will of God. They give direction to the general congregation of the church in specific and relevant situations of the current time. When prophets walked the earth, those that believed in God had a great blessing to have direction given to them by those who had a special relationship with the almighty. Prophets have also helped in forming the church of God by organizing it’s structure in the name of God. Most of you will be familiar with the titles of Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Deacons, Teachers, Seventy, and others. These are men called of God and led by his prophets to perform specific tasks in the church of God. It is amazing to know that God has organized his servants in a way to help us understand and live his gospel.

Many wonder what happened to the prophets. It is always a subject of dispute as to whether we need prophets today in time. Does God still call prophets today? We will leave each of you to decide what roll prophets play in today’s circumstances. We invite each of you to discuss this in your own congregations and the importance of prophets throughout the course of time. It is an excellent topic of discussion.

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