Prophets of the Bible

Many people who are familiar with Christ and his gospel are still not familiar with prophets and their purpose. This is somewhat worrisome because of the important role prophets have played in the gospel of Christ since the beginning of time. Prophets act as special witnesses of Christ. As special witnesses of Jesus they have personally spoken with him and have an individual relationship that allows them to preach and write the words of God himself. Prophets are those who have written the bible. They have led the righteous followers of Jesus over the centuries. They communicate to the people the true will and desires of God and act as his spokesman. Two of the most famous prophets are Noah and Moses, as an example.

Prophet Moses


Prophets are those who have written the records of the gospel and his church since time began. We know these records as scripture. God has commanded his prophets over the course of time to record his words so they can be preserved for generations. Since God’s will doesn’t change the words written by prophets thousands of years ago still apply to us today. It is important for us to study these words even though they may have been written a long time ago just for this reason.

Ten Commandments

Lead God’s Church:

Prophets lead the church of God. As spokesman of God they can let the masses know the will of God. They give direction to the general congregation of the church in specific and relevant situations of the current time. When prophets walked the earth, those that believed in God had a great blessing to have direction given to them by those who had a special relationship with the almighty. Prophets have also helped in forming the church of God by organizing it’s structure in the name of God. Most of you will be familiar with the titles of Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Deacons, Teachers, Seventy, and others. These are men called of God and led by his prophets to perform specific tasks in the church of God. It is amazing to know that God has organized his servants in a way to help us understand and live his gospel.

Many wonder what happened to the prophets. It is always a subject of dispute as to whether we need prophets today in time. Does God still call prophets today? We will leave each of you to decide what roll prophets play in today’s circumstances. We invite each of you to discuss this in your own congregations and the importance of prophets throughout the course of time. It is an excellent topic of discussion.

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